White Card

white-card-sample-with-outlineOur “White Card” program was established to allow our customers to use the element of “curiosity.

We experienced impressive click rates when we tested the white card concept a while ago. You can see the results by visiting our main White Card site.

As we demonstrate below, the White Card domain allows participating customers to use a veil of secrecy when sending out a “mystery” promotion, as the recipients never really know where the card is coming from. Perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea, but it can be fun when used in a playful way.

The White Card program can be used with both addressed and unaddressed direct mail promotions.

Under the White Card program, participating customers would mail a postcard containing the white-card.ca domain, together with a customer-specific suffix, plus a QR Code. For example, a URL would appear as:

white-card.ca/customer-specific suffix

where the customer-specific suffix could be something like:

The URL can be set up to re-direct to a page on a customer’s site or we can host the page featuring the special event or offer on our site.

We can also integrate the white card URL with a microsite to gather additional contact data.

You can learn more by visiting our main White Card site. Note that the URL in the sample white card, shown above, also re-directs to this site.

So, if you want to add an air of “mystery and curiosity” to one of your campaigns, just give us a call.

If you are a Highland Marketing customer, we appreciate your business and the confidence that you place in us.

If you are not a Highland Marketing customer, we would welcome the opportunity to get to know you better and discuss our direct mail, direct communication and integrated website development services. Simply give us a call at 1-800-422-1309.