Neighbourhood Mail – a Powerful Prospecting Tool

Note: Unaddressed Admail was recently renamed Neighbourhood Mail.

phantom-ridge-frontStudies have shown that printed media fosters better comprehension, retention and drives better results, when compared to seeing the exact same content in a digital environment. Mail continues to be a valuable marketing tool and Neighborhood Mail is certainly part of this mix. This is not to say that “digital” is not effective, but more to illustrate that direct mail still has its place. It is interesting to see how the combination of the two can drive unprecedented results!

What does Neighbourhood Mail offer you? 

Unheralded Postage Rates

Canada Post is backing this product heavily by offering postage discounts of almost 50% to qualified applicants that have not used the product over the last year, under their own customer number. That might get you a postage rate as low as $0.09, which is quite amazing in this day and age!

Beyond that there are more great Neighbourhood Mail discounts you can take advantage of. Simply call Highland Marketing at 1-800-422-1309 for more information regarding any of these programs.

Making it Work – The Basics

In our business, we see a broad range of direct marketing pieces. However, those that are using Neighbourhood Mail to establish new relationships do soooooo much better when they really understand and focus on the benefits of what they are selling and what sets them apart AND have a strong call to action. You can learn more about this by visiting our strategic creative page:

Additionally, if you think “right water, right bait”, Neighbourhood Mail presents you with an opportunity to create something that can stand out and be noticed by the right audience. So, when we get creative and position the product correctly, we have a marketing vehicle that allows us to target the right audience, add excitement, engage the readers and make ‘em feel special. This, in turn, usually results in direct marketing gems that stand out among the flyers and “me too” pieces and truly deliver.

It’s Always Handled and It’s Always Seen

People have to sort through their mail, because a cheque, bill or some other important piece could be mixed in. It is like sorting the “wheat” from the “chaff”. When we use mail, we hope to be included in the wheat and not the chaff, but most importantly, we know that the piece will at least get a time slice and be seen.

Choosing your Own Audience

Direct mail has the distinct advantage of allowing you to select your own target audience, and Neighbourhood Mail is no exception.

Canada Post Targeting Options

With Canada Post’s Precision Targeter, you can use up to three demographic selects to determine areas area with the highest aggregate percentage of the selected criteria. These currently include:

Optionally, Canada Post has a fee-based service that enables you to select target markets based on other lifestyle clusters.

Highland Marketing’s Birds of a Feather Program

Some of our customers also like to target areas where they already have existing customers. The concept is that their neighbours might have similar lifestyles, interests and buying habits.

For these customers we have developed our Birds of a Feather program that analyzes their customer address data and identifies stations and walk/routes where they have the highest volumes and percentages of customers.

Targeting by Community and (Corn Heat Unit) CHU in Ontario, Manitoba and Quebec

For our agricultural clients, we can also target by CHU, by correlating community and CHUs. This enables us to produce different versions of postcards or brochures, varying seed varieties or other crop inputs by CHU and targeting different communities accordingly.

For more information on selection criteria or any of these targeting services, just give us a call.

Converting Readers to Active Prospects and Customers 

If you place an ad in a magazine or if you use Neighbourhood Mail, you do not automatically get the names of the people that are receiving the magazine or your unaddressed mailing pieces. If you are targeting the right audience, you may want to acquire their contact names and addresses so that you can communicate with them directly on future programs.

With today’s technology, setting up a microsite along with a special offer can be an easy way to acquire this contact data and also gather key survey data.

The key is to make the special offer available via the microsite. The value of the special offer should be in direct proportion to the potential long-term value of developing the relationship. As I noted, microsites are relatively inexpensive and we have effective template versions starting at just $295.

Congestion and Fast Forward

We have noted a couple of times that mail, in general, has high visibility when compared to other channels.

Without belittling the digital world, we know that it has become congested and we are hearing new terms such as “banner blindness”. Further, even with the advent of CASL, in Canada, we are still inundated with vast amounts of email, with most of it emanating from out of country. Further, unless the sender of the email is recognized, most emails head straight to trash.

On the other hand, the PVR has quickly become an enemy to television advertising, with many people simply fast forwarding through commercials in pre-recorded shows.

Yet, as we have already noted, mail always gets a time slice. How much time and action it gets depends on the piece itself and its ability to get attention and motivate prospective customers.

Measure Your Results

Unlike many other forms of advertising, direct mail is very easy to measure and it is worthwhile to use some means of tracking. This can be as simple as including a tracking code on the Neighbourhood Mail pieces. Further, if you use a microsite, you can easily get statistics on the number of hits on the site.

Tracking is very beneficial, as it enables you to measure your degree of success and tweak pieces to improve responses on future programs.

Only Canada Post has the Keys to Apartments and Condos

There are 13,214,559 residential addresses in Canada (as of February, 2017). Of these 3,196,607 are apartments and condos, which represents just over 24% of all residential addresses. This being the case, it certainly makes sense to use Canada Post’s Neighbourhood Mail when you are trying to reach all residential addresses in a given community.

Call Highland Marketing for Assistance or Additional Information

As we noted at the outset, Neighbourhood Mail is being used, very successfully, by many businesses today.

Our staff at Highland Marketing understands this product and we can also help to arrange some of the discounts that we mentioned above.

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