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To make these demos work, we'll need you to select one of the four demo options below, and then supply us with some data. We don't retain any data, and it doesn't need to be accurate. In fact, we encourage you to play around. Provide a variety of different data sets and watch as the resulting images change based on your input!

Sample Card
Gem DemoPhone DemoSeeds DemoPets Demo

This demo shows how we can vary an image – in this case a gemstone – based on your birthdate information. The text also includes a personalized message.

This demo illustrates a smartphone renewal offer from a fictitious mobile phone service provider. Note that the type of phone illustrated is based on the subscriber’s current choice of smartphone.

This demo shows how an agricultural marketer could vary images for crop type, by showing a wheat field or a corn field. Note that the upper limit on bushel per acre also changes by crop type. Lastly, we are also able to vary the picture of the seed dealer, based on the geographic location.

Please note that the names of dealers in this demo are fictional. Likenesses were sourced from UIfaces.com.

The Veterinary Services demo show how we can vary web content for your specific pet. It adds a nice touch. I suppose if you had a dog, a cat and a budgie, we could do a group photo. In addition, the page also included the pet’s name, which can add a personal touch.

Please note that the information provided is used for the purposes of this demo, and is not captured or retained in any way.

We hope that these demos help you really visualize the immense marketing potential of variable imaging. Plus, the ability to vary both text and graphics allows you to connect seamlessly, adding considerable depth to your marketing messages.

All variable imaging demos designed by Highland Marketing, Fergus ON

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