Strategic Creative

What is your unique value proposition (UVP) or, in other words, why should people buy from you? For some, this is a very tough question. But, if we can’t answer this question, it can be difficult to create marketing pieces that persuade people to try our products or services.

This might be like “motherhood and apple pie” for more experienced marketers, but is it not always clear or that easy to do for others, and some customers need a bit of help.

What is Strategic Creative?

The bit of soul searching that we go through to analyze why people should buy from us is really the first step in what we call “Strategic Creative”. Expanded further, Strategic Creative is the process of identifying the benefits of your products and services, which is an integral part of your unique value proposition, and creating a direct marketing piece that gets interest, focuses on benefits (usually showing how benefits outweigh costs), has a solid call to action and drives results. It encompasses an analytical component, good copy and design/graphics that complement the overall theme.

So, if you can let us know what your unique value proposition is (i.e. why customers should buy from you) and what sort of offers you can use to motivate prospective customers, we can come up with a win-win-win program that works for you and your customers. It’s a smart way to approach business.

Please Remember that Data Still Rules

Our strategy must also include data and our target markets. We can have powerful and compelling reasons why people should buy from us, but if we are targeting the wrong markets, it’s all for nought.

In addition, with today’s technologies we can zero in on specific markets and make our communications so seamless and engaging that it is like talking to a neighbour over coffee.

We encourage you to learn more about our Data Services and how these services can help your direct marketing campaigns at many different levels

Look at What our Customers & Associates Have to Say

It is great when it all comes together and the process delivers the intended results. Here are some recent comments and feedback:

The brochures look fantastic. Thank you.”

“Love the ad!!!”

“Excellent. I really like it a lot.”

Want to learn more about these projects? We have samples available upon request!

Why do We Care so Much?

Quite frankly, no one likes to hear about disappointment or experience disappointment. Sometimes we hear, “Tried direct marketing – didn’t work”, where at the same time, other customers in the same industry have great results with direct marketing. It’s not a mystery, it just that one is doing a much better job at it than the other.

We care because we like being a part of success stories and with our many years of experience and seeing what works and what doesn’t, we have been able to help many happy customers get the most out of their direct marketing efforts.

On the other hand, there will continue to be unfortunate experiences with direct marketing and to that end one might say, “You can lead a horse to water and, while it may not drink, you don’t want to see it fall in and drown.”

Just Don’t be Flat

One final word on your direct marketing. You can tell people that you are hanging out your shingle at Location X and to that they might say, “That’s nice”. However, if you want direct marketing to work, whether you use our Strategic Creative concept or not, you need to get attention, create desire and feature a solid call to action. Remember a flat and boring piece will deliver flat and boring results.

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