Promoting Your Trade Shows and Promotional Events

For some, success with trade shows starts before the show and continues after the show. It’s like a sandwich, where the show itself is the meat sitting between what happens before and after the actual event. Our services are designed to help exhibitors at all levels.

Plus, our before show and follow-up services are affordable.

Trade Show Follow-up Services

According to a very interesting article, 80% of show leads are never followed up. (Author’s note: Working as a Sales Manager, it was not uncommon to find stale dated leads in desk drawers after sales people left the company).

However, when we consider that many salespeople focus on the better leads (often called cherry picking), it makes sense that the top 20% might be followed up. But, what about the other 80%? That’s where we come in.

After your trade show or promotional event we can:

  • manage all facets of  post-show follow-ups
  • personalize pieces by salesperson
  • create content and/or offer design services, for those that might need assistance in these areas

Hand-Addressed EnvelopeWe can also personally address hand-written envelopes and/or apply stamps for that personal touch, or simply inkjet the address along with the postal indicia.

Whether you use our follow-up services or not, when it comes to designing sign-up forms, always remember to have separate fields for Mr/Ms, First Name and Last Name. This allows you to use personalized notes or emails more effectively. Also, have a separate field for “Company” as well as two lines for Address data (in addition to City, Province and Postal Code). Last, but not least, have your staff enter the right data in the right fields. These few tips can avoid data challenges and help to maintain a professional appearance with all of your communications.

We can make sure that you get 100% follow-up coverage, including that 80% that usually “slips through the cracks”.

Before Show Services

Another recent article noted that “Using direct marketing to promote your attendance at the show in advance can double, triple, even quadruple the results of your overall trade show investment.” This means that exhibitors should be looking at getting their “Before Show” materials into people hands well in advance of the show!

Target the Right People and Draw them In

It’s always nice to have lots of the right visitors at your trade show booth. There is nothing worse than having no one at your booth – or being tied up with the wrong people when the right people come along – we’ve all been there. We can’t help as much with the latter, but we can help you attract more of the right people.


Targeted Email or Direct Mail in Advance of Show

This could be anything from a basic, generic unaddressed postcard to a high-end personalized promotion (via email or direct mail). There is also the option of featuring a special incentive/gift to attractive highly-qualified visitors your booth.

We can also, optionally, include unique redemption codes to limit your liability on special incentives, should you wish. In addition, they can help you to track results.

Unique redemption codes can be printed on direct mail pieces or they can be included in the body of an email. You can include unique redemption codes on unaddressed pieces as well.


Targeting is based on the unique requirements of each organization and can range from unaddressed targeting to specific areas or business sectors, based on specific criteria to selective targeting on an existing database.

Targeting will usually include a mix of existing customers as well as new prospects.

Value of Special Invitations for Special People

There are often special customers or prospects you might want to see at a trade show or promotional event and you may want to reach out with a special invitation to these people.

Although not always necessary, some form of incentive might be used to attract these key visitors to you booth. In such cases, the value of incentives is normally directly proportional to the value of creating a new relationship or the value of rewarding loyal customers for their business. Given this, this nature of incentives can vary dramatically.

Pre-Qualifying Via a Microsite

If using a special incentive/gift, you can have people pre-qualify by signing up on a microsite, in advance of the trade show or event. This is an excellent way to gather contact data for new prospects.

Of course, in addition to contact data, you can also gather key survey data, which most contacts are willing to provide.

When using a microsite for pre-qualification, you will also have a list of those individuals that have signed up and can check them off as they visit.

When it comes to Before Show and Post Show, we have you covered, so call us today to take advantage of our promotional trades how services.Direct marketing remains a powerful and versatile tool. Call us now at (800) 422-1309 to discuss how different forms of direct marketing can work for you, and bolster your upcoming trade shows, expos and events.

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