Direct Mail, Email and Sampling

Direct Communication is one of the best ways to reach specific customers and prospects and Direct Mail, Email and Sampling all have their place.

As we discuss under Strategic Creative, getting attention, clearly stating your unique selling proposition (showing how the benefits of your products/services solve a problem), demonstrating how value exceeds cost and including a strong offer/call to action all form the foundation for success. And, we can help you to do that, as we demonstrate below:

Direct Mail

Direct mail, itself, is far from “dead”. As a matter of fact, direct mail continues to be one of the top marketing performers and is welcomed by both consumers and businesses alike. It is also one of the few mediums that allow you to put your message directly into customers’ hands.

Is direct mail expensive? Well, we say, “it’s only expensive when it doesn’t work”.

We know direct mail works, because we have seen it deliver outstanding results. If you might have tried direct mail with little or no success, did the piece clearly convey real value to the right target audience, at the right time?

Don’t Forget About Data

One of the beauties of any form of direct communication is our ability to decide who we want to send our messages to. To do that we need the right data and it needs to be dependable. If not, when it comes to direct mail, we are not only wasting our time communicating with the wrong people, we are also wasting money on print, mail preparation and postage! Further, sending the wrong messages to people confuses them and does little for corporate image.

We encourage you to learn more about our Data Solutions and how the services can help you direct mail campaigns at many different levels.

Turnkey Packages

Different customers have different needs and our turnkey packages are available for anyone that might need them. Customers can choose the services that they wish. Our fully-featured turnkey packages offer all-in costs and include:

As we note above, you simply decide the levels of service that you wish.

Best Value for Your Direct Mail Dollar

In addition to helping you get the best returns on your direct mail programs, we also address all the traditional mail-house responsibilities, ensuring that you’re using the most-cost effective and time-relevant postal products. Just another win-win we offer all of our customers.

CASL-Compliant* Email Marketing Programs

Email can take on different personalities and an effective email system is a powerful asset that can be used to provide:

Note that due to Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation* we did not include email deployments to unknown contacts in the list above. The legislation largely forbids this and those using email outside of CASL-defined boundaries can incur some very expensive fines.

To learn more about CASL you can contact us or download our CASL brief, free of charge.

Cost-Effective Way to Showcase Expertise and Exploit Opportunities

Many industry leaders continue to provide strategic, and time-sensitive, industry-specific news and updates for their customers. By demonstrating their expertise, these companies often attract new sales opportunities. However, this content is often incorporated somewhere on their website, be it on the main site, in a blog post or on some other special page, so finding the information can sometimes be a challenge.

A corporate eNews system is an excellent way to highlight news and events and provide direct links to key articles and information that customers can select at their leisure. Of course with this type of communication, you eliminate all print, postage and mail prep costs.

Communicating industry news is one thing, but this type of system also affords you the opportunity to intermingle news about your own new products and services as well as links to any special offers you may be featuring, further augmenting sales opportunities.

This use of email has proven to deliver tremendous benefits in many different industry segments and, used properly, it not only establishes your credibility, it can also be a key ingredient in increasing sales at several levels.

Of course, it goes without saying that you must have either implied or express consent under CASL, before sending emails to a given email address.

How Can we Help You?

As noted above, an email system that delivers timely information to a qualified customer base can be an invaluable asset. We have an abundance of experience with CASL, setting up email systems and deployment of emails to qualified lists and would be pleased to help you at whatever level you may need.

Product Sampling and Fulfillment

Putting your products into the hands of consumers is simply the best way to demonstrate how great your products really are. Businesses that are not able to supply products samples often distribute branded items in lieu and these programs drive many of the same benefits mentioned below.

Through our sampling/fulfillment programs you can:

You can learn much more about sampling by reading our three-part blog post on this subject. Just follow the links below:

We have mailed millions of products samples and branded items over the years and have the expertise to help on any type of sampling or fulfillment project.

If you are a Highland Marketing customer, we appreciate your business and the confidence that you place in us.

If you are not a Highland Marketing customer, we would welcome the opportunity to get to know you better and discuss our direct mail, direct communication and integrated website development services. Simply give us a call at 1-800-422-1309.