Dave, we are delighted that you accepted our invitation. We hope that what follows might add new dimensions to your direct marketing efforts at Highland Marketing – bold new directions that can increase response levels and maximize results.

Over the years we have seen virtually every type of direct marketing and many of them continue to deliver. But, today, nothing excites us more than the advanced forms of engagement that we can achieve through sophisticated use of variable data and personalized URLs.

Better yet, with our programming and analytical backgrounds we have the skills to deliver in this area and have already helped a couple of agencies land awards for these types of projects.


Personalized URL*

This pURL features insightful use of variable data, targeting highly-qualified prospects, and shows how specific data can be included to heighten engagement. Although agriculture-based, these concepts can be ported to other business sectors.

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Microsites need not always be personalized. This page not only features a special offer, but also shows how the marriage of conventional and digital can facilitate the gathering of contact data, providing a basis for building long-term relationships

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Personalized Insert

Although rarely seen, personalized advertising within a publication demands attention. We have done this seven times now within the Ontario Grain Farmer magazine and 2 of 7 have brought home awards. Here’s how it works.

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* This pURL has already been pre-tested. Thanks for the great feedback from those who participated!
pURL can be driven by conventional or digital direct marketing.
As CHUs (Corn Heat Units) are currently mapped for Ontario only, we have set the default for those outside of Ontario to Guelph.

Sounds Great – But what could go wrong?

These projects require considerable upfront analysis and planning and vetting of data, long before any substitutions begin. So where are some of the potential downfalls?

  • Incomplete, missing or incorrect greetings
  • Right data in the wrong field(s)
  • Outdated data that does not reflect the true status of the record
  • Excessively long field lengths that do not fit space available
  • Premature line wraps that result in shifted content
  • Improper content where greetings may be expressed as singular or plural

And that’s just a few.

Fortunately, with our many years of systems analysis, design and programming experience we can work with you to assess your data, note challenges before they become problems and ensure that all substitution requirements and fallback positions are in place – before we press any variable print buttons or proceed with any online substitutions.


Excellence with Variable Data

Although we continue to offer our full range of professional mail preparation, data, sampling, print, email and web services, our training and experience has enabled us to excel at conceptualizing and delivering higher-level, variable data projects. Further, we love the power of pURLs and are here to work with you and/or your agency, should you wish to initiate one of these exciting projects.

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Enriching Target Data

Two of the concepts featured above demonstrate the correlation of seed varieties to specific communities and heat zones. It was the Highland Marketing team that actually did the analysis and technical work to map the communities and heat zones. Our team can provide similar services for other market segments as well, helping clients in all industries to enrich target data. Just let us know your needs.

Team Work with Agencies

We are not an agency – far from it. Most agencies specialize in all media, whereas we only specialize in market segments related to direct marketing. That said, we recognize that direct marketing is often but one part of an overall marketing initiative and that our role is to serve the team, delivering the best we can to help make the direct marketing component a success.

We are, however, a recognized Canada Post Direct Marketing Specialist, which is an accreditation that demonstrates our in-depth knowledge of Canada Post products and services and how they can be used to satisfy a broad range of direct marketing needs.

One of our primary operating principles is to continually analyze the full spectrum of the direct marketing toolkit, develop new concepts and bring them to market. This often means pitching new ideas to clients and agencies and often working behind the scenes as we do our part to turn new ideas into reality.

Here to Help – Right Around the Globe

Today’s technology makes it a small world, especially on any projects involving the management, cleansing or vetting of data and it is wonderful being able to service clients in all corners of the world.


We look forward to working with you on direct marketing projects at any level, ranging from mailings in North America to more advanced pURLs or other forms of variable data projects with local or more global reach.

Intelligent Direct Marketing Services

We have evolved and we believe that our new tag line has a nice double entendre that encompasses both strategic and practical elements. To us it represents:

  • Delivering highly-targeted programs that focus on meaningful customer engagement
  • Using the right mix of direct marketing services and Canada Post products
  • Developing and strengthening long-term-relationships
  • Improving yields and ROI (Return on Intelligence)
  • Effectively reducing costs
  • Meeting delivery timelines

Dave, thanks again for clicking on your personalized URL. Rest assured, we will continue to offer the same high quality services that we have over the years. Our goal today has been to make everyone aware of the full scope of our abilities as a direct marketing partner.

Have a great day.

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