Industry/Group Promotions

Can we build new databases for particular market segments or communities for standalone promotions or co-op programs?

Having worked in the healthcare industry for many years, we have seen how valuable marketing databases can be built by third parties, often in conjunction with major healthcare advertisers, and how these consumer records are then rented out at premium rates.

The success of these programs hinged on the fact that consumers would supply valuable profile data in exchange for the opportunity to receive product samples or other incentives.

We put this to the test a while ago in our own local online survey and were surprised to learn that 67% of those responding indicated that they would be interested in receiving:

What’s the value to you?

The numbers above indicate that the concept is viable, even without providing actual samples, which not everyone can do. Therefore, with the right participants, we can build industry or even local community databases that serve both the needs of participants on the database as well as the advertisers.

Second, branded items that are used or seen on a daily basis help to keep businesses top of mind. Of course, if a company has great products and they are able to send out samples, sampling can be a powerful tool to increase brand awareness and market share. Sampling works and we have seen the lift in sales that it can produce.

With regards to the online component, we all know that the use of electronic offers, notifications, coupons and other items will only continue to grow. We believe that an email and web-based platform for announcing sales or distributing exclusive coupons can be a great way to engage local consumers. This technology can also provide an excellent platform for links to participating websites.

Co-op and Group Participation

One of the advantages of these programs is that they need not be undertaken alone. One or more groups can actively participate in the development of the data as well as associated programs for which the data can be used. Key activities would include:

How do we Make it Work?

It all starts with a plan. Some of our team members have extensive project management skills, managing and delivering $500,000 dollar projects on time and within budget.

There is no doubt that individual goals and component tasks for each project of this type will vary. However, once we have identified key deliverables and goals, it is then a matter of working back, outlining each stage and associated component tasks to guarantee all deliverables in timely fashion. We welcome inquiries from interested parties.

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