Highland Marketing Incentive Programs


A dollar saved is a dollar earned, and a dollar spent to increase marketing response rates or to leverage revenues is a good investment. Here are couple of special offers that everyone can enjoy.

A Special Offer

As Canada Post is offering some wonderful discounts on Neighbourhood Mail, we are pitching in ourselves by offering a special discount to our local community as well as all of our customers and prospects across Canada and in the US.

Limited Time Offer:

20% off of standard mail preparation services, to a maximum value of $200 per customer for preparation of all Neighbourhood Mail mailings. May not be combined with other offers.

Offer expires on: April 21, 2017

For more information on this offer, please give us call at 1-800-422-1309.

Ongoing Microsite Offer

We have decided to indefinitely extend our free microsite offer for customers using our print, prep and mail services for 5,000 pieces of Personalized Mail (Addressed Admail) or 10,000 pieces of Neighbourhood Mail (Unaddressed Admail). To learn more about this offer and how a microsite can work for you,  please visit Maximize Your Responses with Our FREE Microsite Offer.

If you are a Highland Marketing customer, we appreciate your business and the confidence that you place in us.

If you are not a Highland Marketing customer, we would welcome the opportunity to get to know you better and discuss our direct mail, direct communication and integrated website development services. Simply give us a call at 1-800-422-1309.