Hand-Written Envelopes

Hand-Addressed EnvelopeSome companies believe in hand-addressed envelopes for special occasions. A service company in the US is touting a 95% open rate and response rates of over 13%. Of course, hand-written or not, the content and the offer must be good as well.

Hand-addressing envelopes is a premium service, but, like all good marketing, when it delivers outstanding results, it should not be viewed as an expense, but an investment.

We not only hand-address envelopes, we can also affix stamps, rather than using a meter impression or postal indicia. Again, it gives that “they really do care” feeling for those receiving your mail!

Pricing for preparing hand-addressed envelopes varies considerably, based on the length of the addresses and the quality of the source (legibility and field structure). But, if you are interested in a program that will really grab attention, please call us today and we can provide a custom program for you.

If you are a Highland Marketing customer, we appreciate your business and the confidence that you place in us.

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