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Hello Dave and welcome to GroPro Seeds.

As you can see from your customized seed chart, we have selected a variety of seeds that best suit the 2700-2800 CHU zone for your growing area in Fergus.

Seed Varieties for
2700-2800 CHU regions

GP 560

A high yielding variety with later maturity.

VT 2001

A custom hybrid with early crop maturity that thrives in dry soil.

VT 211

An hearty variety with early crop maturity.

For more details on these varieties, give us a call at 1-555-676-7711.

GP 560 Corn Seed VT 2001 Corn Seed VT 211 Corn Seed

Ours seeds feature both high yields and are resistance to drought and common pests that can reduce to value of your crop. We want you to grow good stuff and lots of it! We know that you will be pleased by selecting GroPro.

We also want you to keep us “top of mind”, so we are offering you your choice of a branded summer Stetson or a fur-lined winter hat! Note that this offer is limited to one hat only per farm location.

Dave, to get your hat, please complete the following form. We'll email you when you can pick it up from Rick Smith at Kriton Seed and Fertilizer.

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If you have any questions or we can help you in any way, just give us a call at 1-555-676-7711.

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