Is your website mobile ready?

The way people browse the web is changing! And it’s changing fast. From mobile devices, to touch screens, to stunning, pixel-dense displays, it’s a brave new web. Is your website ready?

Let us help! We’re experienced in creating and optimizng websites for a wide range of devices and displays. Whether you’re looking for a brand new website, a redesign of your current site or even just a few tweaks and adjustments to your existing website, we’d love to work with you.

Design that Just Fits

Responsive Web Design (often shortened to RWD), is a design philosophy that makes use of both traditional and modern web design techniques in order to create a website that actually scales down (or up) according to the amount of space available on a screen.


There’s no need for any special “mobile” sites. Our responsive designs work on anything from a massive desktop display to a handheld smart phone (or iPod touch). Of course, they also have default fallbacks for older browsers that don’t support some of the key functionality that powers responsive design.

Want to see some examples? No problem. Have a look at some of these micro-sites that we’ve built to exemplify different forms of integrated direct marketing at work.

Example 1 – Grand Art Studio Tour


This micro-site was created for a fictional studio tour, and is an example of a responsive grid design, with the six picture frames shifting from three columns, to two, to one, based on the available width. It also features some responsive elements built into the contest interface.

View Micro-Site

Example 2 – Gryphan Entertainment


Here we have an example of a static site that becomes fluid when reduced to a certain width (or a fluid site that becomes static, depending on your point of view). In order to preserve an ideal line length (for optimal readability), the site design simply locks in place at a certain width, using a centered alignment to maintain balance and a patterned background in order to add visual interest and tie back to the (fictional) branding.

View Micro-Site

Example 3 – McAllistar’s Bar & Grill


With a design that really places the emphasis on the content, this micro-site relies almost entirely on a fluid design, while reducing the text size at certain key thresholds.

View Micro-Site

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Optimizing existing websites is not always an exact science, and development times (and associated costs) depend on how the site was originally built.

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