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Accounting for up to 70% of the success of direct marketing campaigns, your data is one of the most important factors in all direct communications!

Most marketing data consists of more than just names, addresses and email addresses. It should also contain key fields that help you to target specific groups within your database and the accuracy of this information can be every bit as important as ensuring that you have the correct mailing address.

Our team of trained programmers and systems analysts have designed and written a myriad of custom programs and applications over the years. So in addition to conventional data services, we are able deliver more advanced data solutions that can add new dimensions to your direct communications.

How can we help?

Intelligent Correlation of Data

  • Writing custom programs that integrate data from external sources and correlate it with your current mailing data.
  • An example of a recent project would be preparing and integrating data that correlated heat zones to postal codes and then correlating appropriate seed varieties by postal codes for a highly targeted agricultural campaign.

Merging and Purging

  • Merging two or more of your data files with the same or different file layout into a consolidated file.
  • Purging duplicate records on your files, saving you money and avoiding the embarrassment of mailing duplicate pieces to the same people.
  • Establishing duplicate purging criteria with you to ensure that correct level of de-duping is attained.
  • Purging duplicate records per established criteria.

Segregated Splits and Merging Mailing Streams

  • Splitting data into different streams allowing you to vary message content, including graphics, by target group.
  • Ensuring the lowest possible postage rates for Letter Carrier Presorted mailings, by merging multiple streams into a single stream and taking advantage of the lower postage rates provided by higher geographic concentrations. Note that a common overall theme is a pre-requisite for merging streams in this manner.

Case Conversions

  • If you wish to use personalized greetings and your data is in upper vase, converting your data to mixed case will avoid greetings such as “Dear WILLIAM”, which are more impersonal than personal.
  • If space for addressing is a bit tight, converting your data to mixed case can actually reduce physical line lengths when working with proportional fonts.

Restructuring Data

  • Moving the right data to the right fields can improve overall appearance and improve address accuracy.
  • Parsing field data into two or more field can enhance functionality of data. An example would be parsing a Contact Name field of “Bill Baxter” to accommodate a personalized greeting of “Dear Bill” rather than the impersonal greeting of “Dear Bill Baxter” that would result if the entire contact name were used in the greeting.

Mapping/Resetting Data Values

  • Correlating field data emanating from different sources and setting common data values for specific fields. For example, ensuring that the same field values are established for data coming in from web forms and paper surveys.
  • Analyzing field values and re-setting field values that have been entered incorrectly. For example, changing all values of MAN and MANUF to MFG to properly reflect the desired value for manufacturer within a field set up to record industry type.

Custom Programs

  • Our ability to write custom programs for virtually any application provides a high level of one stop shopping for your direct communication needs.
  • We are always up to the challenge for any custom program applications that you might throw our way.

Address Accuracy for Canadian Mailings

  • Processing your data through Canada Post-certified Address Validation and Correction Software improves your overall address accuracy and deliverability and can save you a lot of money.
  • Note that Canada Post requires a statement of address accuracy from certified software for most mailings over 5,000 pieces. If an accuracy of 95% is not achieved, there is a $0.05 surcharge levied, based on the difference between 95% accuracy and the actual accuracy. For example, the surcharge for a file with 15,000 records and an accuracy of 91% would be $30 ((.95-.91) X 15,000 X $0.05).
  • If a valid statement of address accuracy is not supplied, Canada Post will set the accuracy rate at 56% and calculate the surcharge at this percentage, which on a file of 15,000 records would amount to $292.50 ((.95-.56) X 15,000 X $0.05).

National Change of Address (NCOA) for Canadian Mailings

  • Processing your data through the National Change of Address database enables you to get updated addresses for those that have move in the past six years. This can be very valuable for consumer data.
  • Note that only about 6% of businesses actually file a change of address when they move. With a correction rate of 6%, you would have to assess the value of NCOA processing for address files consisting of business addresses.

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