Direct Marketing Tips

Want your catalogue, magazine or newsletter advertising to really pop? Consider a personalized foldover card.

Dependable data is the key to targeted direct marketing. Here are some ideas that can help.

Although Machineable Addressed Admail can save you money in 2015, it’s important to know that at 51 grams it is actually more expensive than presort.

Got a great product? Sending samples (where feasible) is a great way to prove it. Just like the old saying, “Try it, you’ll like it!” And then, hopefully, they will buy it!

Selecting the wrong Canada Post products can cost you money and affect delivery times. Check with a specialist and save money and aggravation.

Testing different designs and offers at lower volumes is a great way to refine your direct marketing pieces, before rolling them out to a larger audience.

Bigger, heavier and less expensive? Publications Mail can be a great deal!

Ensuring that your direct marketing campaigns are properly targeted will reduce wasted pieces and increase your return!

Don't scare potential customers off. Personalization is a powerful tool, but don't go overboard.

Want your DM piece to get opened? Qualify your list, and send it addressed – this can up to triple your open rates!

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To keep your marketing materials on the right track, keep AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action) in mind!

Instead of a single mailing of 9,000 pieces, try 3 drops of 3,000 pieces to the same, qualified, audience!

Is it not always the price, but the ongoing revenues that you should consider with some DM projects.

Fundamentals of successful variable data projects begin with right data, right fields and usable content.

With a true understanding of your target audience you can crafty highly-targeted "generic" personalized messages.

Business Reply Mail (BRM) can improve response rates. Use your own BRM account or your mail service provider's.

Help your unaddressed pieces arrive on the right desk by addressing them to a particular role or position.

The repetitive use of a unique shape can be invaluable in helping to establish brand recognition.

QR Codes are a great way to integrate print with web, but is your website or landing page optimized for mobile viewing?

Designing your direct marketing materials on a tight budget? There are a number of tricks that you can use to help reduce costs.

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Canadian mailers can enhance their brand image with the use of a Customized Indicia.

Measure results & track referrals. You might be surprised at the amount of business stemming from one mailing.

Getting noticed is a primary objective with direct marketing. Starting here might help.

Still using envelopes? Why not try thinking outside the envelope with self-mailers?

Catch attention and improve your Direct Marketing results with RPNs. What's an RPN?

Consider temperature when shipping samples. It's not wise to mail chocolate in the summer time!

pURLs are an awesome tool. Used with solid data, they can be a marketer's dream. Bad Data? Well. . .

A lump in your mailing piece adds intrigue. You do not always have to send samples to send lumpy mail.

Under CASL, if you already have implied consent, asking for express consent can just confuse matters.

Remember to seed your mailing list. It helps to track delivery and quality, among other things.

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Your call to action can be the thing that makes your Direct Marketing piece. Don't get caught without one!

Getting a little too "gooey" with personalization might actually scare some customers away.

It bears “repeating” that repetition is a very important aspect of any direct marketing campaign.

Spending a bit more on print to really get noticed can be good DM medicine. Consider die cuts if you truly want to stand out.

Benefits are derived from features. It’s often the benefits that sell your products and services, not just features.

Why should the customer buy from you? This is a good place to start when designing your direct marketing piece.

Lighter publications with high rural distribution can save a fortune using NDG rates.

Don’t let a crappy signature scan destroy the effect of your elegant personalized letters.

If you mail a corporate newsletter or catalogue you might save a fortune by considering Publications Mail.

You can save on print and postage costs by using a web driver card that directs customers to a microsite.

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Before engaging in personalized campaigns ensure that professionals vet your data to avoid embarrassing substitutions.

Tailoring your messages for specific customer groups can increase the return on your direct marketing dollars.

Social Media is bigger than just Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Consider researching nice social sites.

Have fun. Let your creativity run wild. You never know when you might come across a great marketing idea!

Just because there are thousands of fonts available, doesn't mean you should use thousands of fonts in your design.

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