With 82% of Canadians having read read a printed book over the last year (as of 2014), attractive bookmarks are something that people will use almost daily and keep around. With a nice theme on one side and your branding or corporate message and contact information on the reverse, a bookmark can be a simple and inexpensive way to keep your message alive – and out of the garbage. Your promotional bookmarks can be mailed in an envelope or tipped on inside self-mailers or you can simply pass them out to customers. We can also personalize bookmarks for you (for example, Sandra or Christopher etc. at the top of the bookmark) and, of course, we can always do die cuts. Here are some samples that we made up.

Sample Designs

Have a look at some of these sample designs that we have put together. Some have been personalized, while others are generic.


Sample Reverse Designs

You can also have content printed on the reverse side of your bookmarks. Here are a few simple examples of reverse side designs: