Where Have All the Dollars Gone

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Flower MoneyThe title of this article is actually a play on words from the old folk song, Where Have All the Flowers Gone. No, I have not written a song for this, but you can still listen to That Little Piece of Mail, which has relevance in a different context.

So, where have all the dollars gone? In many cases, gone to excessive postage, in the myriad of cases where people continue to pay far more in postage than they need to.

I know I have written on this topic before, but after recent meetings with a couple of new customers, I felt compelled to re-visit this topic, once again.

Oddly, in both cases, we had sent some prior communications to the customers regarding postage savings that are available. In both cases, the customers were aghast when they actually learned just how much they had been wasting in excessive postage. Unfortunately, it is a familiar story.

When it comes to wasted postage dollars, the mail culprits are usually: using the wrong postal product, not taking advantage of wonderful discounts that are available for many postal products, not paying attention to weight and size thresholds, and weak data. Worse yet, there is often more than one of these factors at play at a given time.

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Now, we might ask, as the song poses, “When will they ever learn”, but we know that people are very busy, and time is precious. However, please remember that with a little learning, you won’t be asking yourself, “Where have all the dollars gone?”.

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