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A Claymore 2Sound like a medieval ad? Well, the Claymore is a double-edge sword offering “double edge benefits”. While we do not expect you to be out there “slaying” customers, our mail-oriented, printer partner programs offer double edge benefits as well, and fortunately, not in quite the same way!

So, where are the double-edge benefits for printers that get involved with mail?

  • Edge 1: More openings and opportunities to sell print
  • Edge 2: Minimizing the likelihood of losing customers

These are not fabrications and are things we see all of the time. Here are some examples from three separate print partners.

Example 1 – An Understanding of Programs Helps to Increase Quoted Print Volume

A customer recently asked one of our printer partners for a quote on 18,000 postcards. After learning that by increasing the quantity somewhat, they might qualify for a much better postage rate, the customer quickly asked to be quoted at the higher volume.

Example 2 – Printer Adds Mail Service to Keep a Major Account

A couple of years ago, a customer told one of our printer partners that they wanted a one-stop shop for all of their print and mail needs. They teamed up with us and kept the major account.

Example 3 – Customer Enjoys Pleasant Surprise with Significant Postage Savings

One of our printer partners showed us a piece that their customer had planned to mail as Lettermail. After looking at it, we thought that we could likely help them qualify for the much lower Personalized Mail rate, plus get them a 25% discount off of that rate, because they were a first time user of Personalized Mail. This kept over $5,000 in the customer’s pocket!

So, what was the bottom line in these three cases?

  • One created higher print volume
  • One helped with customer retention
  • One significantly increased customer satisfaction

Maybe we should be looking at a triple-edge sword?

Regardless of how you “slice” it, the benefits of printers aligning themselves with mail, at one level or another, just keep stacking up.

If you are a Canadian printer, and you are not already working with us, give us a shout at 1-800-422-1309 to see how you can take advantage of a better understanding and closer alignment with mail.

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