Make the Most of CASL by Clarfying Implied and Express Consent

posted by Dave Ward in Email.

Over the past week or so, we have received many emails from existing vendors asking us to provide them with express consent so that they can continue to send electronic communications to us under the new Canada’s Anti Spam Legislation (CASL). Have you? If you do business in Canada, I would expect so. It seems […]

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Good Clean Advice for Good Clean Data

posted by Dave Ward in Data.

Over the years we have harped on the value of data hygiene. You know, right data right field, reasonable field lengths, appropriate data for personalized substitutions, completeness of data and accuracy of address information. Today, I would like to re-visit the latter topic of accuracy of address information, simply to remind our readers of the […]

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Lumpy Mail – Not Always Samples

posted by Dave Ward in Direct Mail Sampling.

Many pundits tell us that, done right, direct mail is still one of the most effective forms of marketing. Having seen the results myself, I know this to be true. There are different things you can do to enhance your direct marketing results. Lumpy Mail continues to be at the head of the pack. It […]

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