Better Comprehension and Superior Results

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Fergus ON, August 17, 2015 This just in – Recent study results confirm that print media boasts higher comprehension and provides stronger motivation to respond, when compared to digital media. These findings were published in a document titled, “A Bias for Action – The neuroscience behind the response-driving power of direct mail”. Although the approach […]

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CHUs (Corn Heat Units) Mapped to Communities for Ontario, Manitoba and Quebec – Helping You to Find “Hot” Markets

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We are pleased to note that we have now mapped all CHUs (Corn Heat Units) or “heat zones” for communities within Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba. Of course, this will mean more to some than others, but if you want to target by areas with higher or lower accumulated temperatures, we can help – with addressed […]

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Precision Marketing – Zeroing in with Impact

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It is rewarding to see positive results as we break new ground on direct marketing programs and we are pleased to share some of these concepts with our readers. My recent post to the Direct Marketing Magazine website titled, “Sighting in Your Rifle and Loading Up for High Impact Results”, looks at how to take […]

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Unfortunatelty, Albert Died

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It is funny how, as time passes, we can see a bit of humour in something that was not the least bit funny at the time. I just completed an article for Direct Marketing Magazine titled, “5 Tips for Clean, Useable Data”. Among other things, the article focuses on good design and the value of […]

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