That Little Piece of Mail

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Sometimes stories are best told using a different “flavour”. I have spoken of the benefits of mail in many different posts and articles. But, this time, I thought I would put it to song. It was fun putting this together and I  hope you enjoy it! Here is the YouTube video:   Please see notes, […]

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Beware of the Gold Ring

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I originally wrote this article for the Fall 2006 issue of The Highland Marketer, but it is still very relevant today. It has been reproduced with permission on different occasions. Quite some time ago I was working in sales and sales management for a company that sold and installed high-end networking systems. We had some […]

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How to Make Direct Marketing Work for You – Seminar/Workshop

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We have been asked if we will be running more direct marketing seminar/workshops this spring (2017). We would like to, but rather than focusing on the finer points of postal products we would like to shift the emphasis to more of: How to Make Direct Marketing Work for You! Although we will still look at […]

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