Birds of a Feather Program – Finding Your “Best” New Prospects

Birds perched on barbed wire

It has often been said that “Birds of a feather flock together”. This being the case, some of your best prospects might be living next door to your current customers.

We are pleased to note that our Birds of a Feather program can help you find these prospects and, once identified, we can reach them using an Unaddressed Admail or an Addressed Admail campaign.

How Does it Work?

The basic steps are as follows:

1. Customer Location Analysis

Using your current customer data (in confidence, of course) we compare postal codes on your mailing list against letter carrier walks and prepare a report for you that shows:

* Note that for urban postal outlets, the FSA is the first 3 characters of the postal code (e.g. N2J).

2. Review of Report

We review the report with you so that you can decide which neighbourhoods you would most like to target, based on the percentages in the report as well as other criteria that you might wish to add.

Maybe You Want to Cast Your Nets Further Afield

Sometimes when marketers look at the penetration in specific areas, it causes them to analyze the demographics and look for similar markets in other areas, rather than marketing further in areas where they are already enjoying success. Of course, knowing where you are already successful and why are often pre-requisites before you begin to target other markets, and the report outlined above can be a first step in this direction.

3. Review of Program Options

As noted above, once we have identified the best walks and routes we can target prospects via an Unaddressed Admail or an Addressed Admail or campaign.

Unaddressed Campaign

An unaddressed campaign is a very cost effective way to target consumers in a given area.

With an unaddressed mailing, pieces are usually delivered to all addresses on a given walk or route.

There is really no way to select specific delivery addresses with an unaddressed mailing. Given this, you would likely hit current customers as well. Therefore, you could consider a universal message or offer that would be appropriate for both existing customers and new prospects or perhaps a special introductory offer for new customers. Regardless, you should take care to avoid alienating existing customers.

Addressed Campaign

A distinct advantage of an addressed campaign is that you can target new prospects with a special introductory offer, without sending the same offer to existing customers.

If we send your data to Canada Post, they can examine all of the points of call for a given walk or route, suppress those that you already have and then send us a list of addresses for those that are not on your customer list. There are costs associated with this and you do have to purchase a minimum number of addresses.

An addressed campaign will be more expensive, but it has the added benefit of mailing something to specific addresses and can include some levels of personalization, which can help to develop a more persuasive direct mail piece.

4. Development of Offer

As with all direct marketing, the offer is critically important and the value of the ongoing potential or the value of a one-off sale influences what we might want to include in the offer.

5. Simple Microsite to Augment Responses (Optional)

We want people to respond and, hopefully, create a forum for ongoing direct communication.

Although a redeemable offer can help to make that first sale, a simple microsite can help to explain the details of the offer as well as provide an opportunity for you to gather valuable contact information to form the basis for ongoing communication.

How to Get Started?

Simple. Just call one of the seasoned professionals at Highland Marketing (1-800-422-1309) and ask about our Birds of a Feather program.

If you are a Highland Marketing customer, we appreciate your business and the confidence that you place in us.

If you are not a Highland Marketing customer, we would welcome the opportunity to get to know you better and discuss our direct mail, direct communication and integrated website development services. Simply give us a call at 1-800-422-1309.