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The Value of Professional Advice & Knowledge

Today is a Great Day! We are helping another client to save a lot of money under a very attractive program. Plus, we have been able to provide advice and ensure that this project got off on the right foot and stays on track. This is all based on excellent two-way communication, from the outset. […]

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Where Have All the Dollars Gone

The title of this article is actually a play on words from the old folk song, Where Have All the Flowers Gone. No, I have not written a song for this, but you can still listen to That Little Piece of Mail, which has relevance in a different context. So, where have all the dollars […]

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Compretention – A Key Factor in the Success of Direct Mail

Just what is “Compretention”? Compretention is a combination of the two words comprehension and retention, or simply stated, to understand and remember. The better people understand and remember your marketing message, the more likely they are to purchase from you, provided they have a need for your products or services, and feel that they are […]

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