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Intelligent Direct Marketing Services

We believe that “Intelligent Direct Marketing Services” combines the practical elements of using the right mix of direct marketing services and Canada Post products together with options that serve to heighten engagement and improve overall ROI (Return on Intelligence).

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Data Rules with Data Rules

“Data rules with data rules.” What does this really mean? Industry pundits tell us that good data accounts for 70% of the value of your direct marketing programs. If this is true (and we believe it is) then data truly rules. Working in the direct communication industry and specializing in advanced uses of variable data, […]

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Why Machineable Addressed Admail is a Good Deal Today and in 2015

Resolution, Reflectance, Opacity, Read Rates, Surcharges. These are all things (and often confusing things) that we had to be concerned about when using Machineable Addressed Admail. But, not anymore – at least not to the same extent. This past summer Canada Post took the risk out of using Machineable Addressed Admail by removing the surcharges […]

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How Can a Microsite Maximize Your Direct Marketing Results?

Have you ever mailed to a rented a list or placed an ad in a magazine and wondered what you could have done to increase your response rates? I think we have all experienced this at one level or another. If you have addressed the fundamental requirements of advertising in a magazine that is read […]

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