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Reserve Now for Special Rates in 2017?

First, I want to note that we have seen tremendous success with Canada Post’s Neighbourhood Mail (Unaddressed Admail) Introductory Offer! In case you are not aware, this offer allows new customers to try Neighbourhood Mail at almost 50% off the standard postage rates. Together with Canada Post, we have been able to save our customers […]

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Do You Have to Get Burned Before You See the Need?

What are we talking about? Ineffective data, data that can turn a high-level direct marketing campaign into a disaster. We were chatting about some calamities we had seen and one of our employees observed, “It’s almost as though people need to get burned before they see the need.” I thought, “Right, that is absolutely right”, […]

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Before You Thank Your Printer . . .

When organizing a print job, the normal practice is to get quotations based on the preferred stock. However, sometimes printers might offer a “better” stock at the same price. This might be an upgrade from a plain stock to a heavier and/or glossy stock and could be motivated by a printer trying to use up […]

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