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Significant Changes Coming to Dimensional Addressed Admail

There are some significant changes pending for Dimensional Addressed Admail as of January 12, 2015. I guess we can sum it up with: same length, stouter, heavier and a whole lot more expensive. Have a look. Length, Width and Thickness While the maximum length stays the same at 300 mm (11.8″), the maximum width has […]

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“Gotcha’s” that Get Their Share of Mortified Mailers

500 to 501 Grams As we begin to wind down the year under the current Addressed Admail postage regime, bearing in mind that there are major changes in the offing in 2015, we are compelled, once again, to warn mailers of that precarious bump from 500 to 501 grams. Yes, from time to time heavier […]

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