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Intelligent Direct Marketing Services

We believe that “Intelligent Direct Marketing Services” combines the practical elements of using the right mix of direct marketing services and Canada Post products together with options that serve to heighten engagement and improve overall ROI (Return on Intelligence).

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Direct Marketing – Advantage, Disadvantage, Game

Advantage, Disadvantage, Game If you are the only business in your particular industry that is communicating with your customers on an ongoing basis, you are, indeed, blessed. On the other hand, if your competition is speaking directly to your customers on a regular basis, and you are not, you may want to take a wee […]

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What’s New from Canada Post and How Will it Affect You in 2016?

Introduction For starters, let’s just say there are a LOT of changes and we are going to be very busy updating our website and our blog. Some changes are already effective, while most price changes will not be effective until January 11, 2016. What follows is a summary of changes. For detailed information for all […]

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Print vs. Online – Print Clear Winner for Delivering Survey Results

For a recent survey, association members had the choices of a) completing a printed version and returning it by mail or b) completing it online. What do you think delivered the better response rates and by how much? Well, the startling results are: Printed survey responses: 870, representing 91.68% Online survey responses: 79, representing 8.32% […]

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