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Slay More with Claymore

Sound like a medieval ad? Well, the Claymore is a double-edge sword offering “double edge benefits”. While we do not expect you to be out there “slaying” customers, our mail-oriented, printer partner programs offer double edge benefits as well, and fortunately, not in quite the same way! So, where are the double-edge benefits for printers […]

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Serious and Sincere

Welcome to “almost spring”! Yes, the guy in this picture is the same guy that sang “That Little Piece of Mail”. While I have to admit that we have had a lot of fun with That Little Piece of Mail, and folks are continuing to read the blog post and listen to the song, when […]

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Call Before You Dig

I recently included the following in my email signature: “I wish I had known that before! Planning a direct marketing campaign? Call before you dig.” And, there is good reason, because: One call saved $25,000 per year An hour’s work saved $6,000 A little tweak saved $5,000 A slight modification saved $35,000 And, the list […]

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