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That Little Piece of Mail

Sometimes stories are best told using a different “flavour”. I have spoken of the benefits of mail in many different posts and articles. But, this time, I thought I would put it to song. It was fun putting this together and I  hope you enjoy it! Here is the YouTube video:   Please see notes, […]

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Beware of the Gold Ring

I originally wrote this article for the Fall 2006 issue of The Highland Marketer, but it is still very relevant today. It has been reproduced with permission on different occasions. Quite some time ago I was working in sales and sales management for a company that sold and installed high-end networking systems. We had some […]

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Canada Post Really Delivers for 2017!

As you may know, over the last few years, Canada Post has been offering some pretty exciting postage discounts, primarily for new customers and winbacks (those that have not used a particular Canada Post product in the last 12 months). Many of our customers have used these incentives to their advantage. The 2017 offers are […]

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